We are well known for continuously delivering the right quality.  This is not a natural thing when dealing with developing countries, but with regular controls and personal reception of logs we have achieved this.  We are present when sawing and making measurements and quality descriptions ourselves.  After kilning the timber is controlled again.  We thereby follow the wood from Africa through all steps till it arrives at our costumer.






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Timberlink GmbH
Wood and forest products
Große Bäckerstraße 11
20095 Hamburg
Timberlink GmbH
Wood and forest products
Hoeje Taastrup Boulevard 53
1.Floor, Easy Office
DK-2630 Taastrup

Peter Søgaard Visti
Mobile: +45 2113 5077
E-mail: pv@timberlink.dk
Skype: pvisti

Johannes Borglykke Sørensen
Mobile: +45 2467 5055
E-mail: jos@timberlink.dk
Skype: johannessorensen

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